New 5-Axis vertical machining center: FLEXI-7P 6AX

The high precision mechanical machine shop AR PRECISION MACHINING, always at the forefront of modernisation, has decided to invest in the renewal of its fleet of machines.

The first major change took place in 2014 with the purchase of the FLEXI-7P 6AX, a 5-axis CNC work center for milling with an alternating double rotary table. To optimize performance and to ensure accuracy and continuity, the machine was equipped with the latest Schunk technology.

New 5-Axis vertical machining center: FLEXI-7P 6AXThe vertical machining center flexi 7P-6AX is designed to maximize performance in the machining of complex parts, precision engineering, machines for automation, in the automotive, aviation and manufacturing of moulds and dies.

The new FLEXI 7P-6AX machine has safety systems designed according to the latest criteria of industrial design, combining ergonomic functionality, with an ease of access to the work area and high visibility of the operating area.

The ease of loading / unloading of the parts, containment of fumes and processing residues, as well as the ease of use and maintenance are particularly important and helps to ensure increased production of complex parts that AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE.

Thanks to the double rotary table, this CNC center allows the optimization of processing costs, by allowing 5-axis milling operations on both work tables.

All this results in considerable time saving in the production of special precision mechanical parts in series, with a relative decrease in the costs for the end customer.

AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE, meets the needs of long term customers by increasing production capacity and reliability as well as taking on the challenge of new markets.