Multi-axis CNC milling: 4 and 5 axes

Alongside the traditional CNC milling, performed with 3-axes machines we have added the "machining centers" with 4 and 5 axes, with faster production and greater accuracy of detail.

example of CNC millingexample of CNC milling


5-axes CNC milling machines are suitable for high precision machining, since they allow a minimum number of part settings compared to the usual 3-axes milling machines. In fact, we have to consider that every time the position of the part is reset, it inevitably leads to a loss of accuracy between operations before and after the resetting.

The multi-axes "machining centers", thanks to the simultaneous control of a greater number of axes, allow work on 3 or more faces simultaneously. For example in the 5-axis machining center, you can work up to five faces with a single part setting, excluding only of course the face used for mounting.

At AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE, in the machining of moulds the use of 5-axes milling machines for drilling holes or inclined machining is extremely advantageous, otherwise impossible or very difficult to achieve with traditional machines.

With regards to precision, AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE uses Schunk clamps in its machines, a leader in the market, which allows very high precision and ease of mounting and clamping.


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