AR Precision Machining new investments

Here at AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE we pay a lot of attention to technological innovation and the optimization of resources which creates an active and collaborative working environment. With the new year we have chosen an efficient software solution, designed specifically for P.M.I. manifatturiere and for "contractors" in the field of precision engineering.

With the introduction of new management software, AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is moving its attention to production management, which covers all business processes: design, sales, warehouse management, logistics, purchasing, production, invoicing, management control and quality control and allows for the integration of the leading accounting / administrative software applications.

new technology investments

Every stage of business management is controlled by means of analysis and monitoring and, through alarms and messages activated automatically, problems are highlighted and prevented such as broken stock chains, delivery delays, management anomalies and various inefficiencies.

Every management function of the application is supported by integrated communication systems that allow the sharing of activities and improved collaboration between the various collaborators, both internal and external, with the ultimate aim of improving the overall efficiency of the entire production chain.

With the aim of continuous improvement, the company has made an additional investment in technology in the form of a new server. Internal messaging, for the exchange of documents between users, the management of the order approval process, a shared calendar, integration with e-mail for sending all manner of reports to agents, customers, suppliers and intelligent documents are just some integrated tools to support the activities of collaborative management.

AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE started the year on the right foot! Innovation and investment to make it look its best and reach greater productivity and success along with its customers.